I Know! I Can Hardly Believe it Myself!

I have become a knitting machine in my own right (see yesterday's entry about the group Tricot Machine). Not musically, just in FOs. Things don't even have time to get on my "projects" list on ravelry before I have already finished (or essentially finished, woven ends included) them. Last night it was a baby bonnet from One Skein Wonders (which I ravingly reviewed last year--they should pay me!).

So last night, it was this little bonnet for an as-yet-unknown recipient (our school is having a wave of new babes--hope it's not the water, as I'd rather someone else do the baby-having nowadays!). Mine looks in dire need of blocking and softening agents (time to try conditioner as others have suggested on knitlist in the past), and that small globe for a baby's head is just weird. But I am proud of myself and for only missing one YO in the quest for lace edging that ribbon can be run through.

Now that vacation is ending, I need to act serious about the papers waiting to be read and graded, not to mention some department things that will take me at most two hours but which I have been casually ignoring for the past 192 or so hours (but who's counting?). Ah, now it all becomes clear--the knitting machine was having fun avoiding being a grading machine!!
Ciao and cheers,


Kathy in San Jose said...

Yeah, I need to do some of that grading thing too! Where'd the week go?!

Bells said...

what a lovely little bonnet! I do mean to get that book. I think it would be endlessly useful.

Debby said...

I do like the bonnet. I might have to put that on my list of gotta knit. What kind of yarn did you use?