Somebody's Birthday is Coming!

I've been busy finishing up someone's gifties!

The poncho is now sewn together,

matching hat is finished,

and the pink slippers have been puffy painted to make them slip-proof. (Thanks to DD3.)

My little niece is going to be two (see below in next post for cute picture), and I hope she will like these birthday presents. She was so cute in the first poncho and hat I made her!

I'm also getting my SP 11's gifts together for the reveal later this week, and am almost ready! Here is my favorite present:
From a Denise Sutherland design, it's a small wooden box for treasures. These are some of the best knitting designs out there--check her work out!

One of SP's kids is really little so I found a board book that has little toddlers with the words to "Jingle Bells" as the only text.

For her older child, I found a story book appropriately focused on a man, Mr. Nick, who knits on the train every day on his way to work.

He has a friend who sits with him on the train each day, Mrs. Jolley, who also knits, but becomes ill and doesn't show up one day. So he visits her in the hospital, taking six balls of pink wool and some needles.

The story has a sweet ending, and Mr. Nick shows himself to be not only a great knitter but a wonderful friend. I hope the little guy will enjoy this story--his mama almost surely will!

You wonder if I'm sending my SP some knitted item or other? Well . . . I hope she won't be disappointed, but I'm not going to. I do plan to send her some great yarn but I think it will work better for her to knit what she likes. I think her skills are about five years ahead of mine!!

My own SP has been really kind. Most recently she sent me some bamboo circulars in my favorite size--scarf size! She said she's mailed something for me--I can't wait! I think she must be Canadian because she said she mailed it on Thursday (which was Thanksgiving!). 8^)

I've finished two other items but can't go into details anymore! Christmas is coming . . . the goose is getting fat! Must keep on knitting and finishing things so I can get everything ready by mailing time.

Happy knitting, all!