Twilight Time

Finished my Twilight scarf! This was yarn I purchased from Yarn Lust a while back, superwash wool, and it made a lovely neck wrap.

I finished Bonnie and Clyde some time ago but forgot to post it--one half is Bonnie and the other Clyde (Louet, same colorway--"Sleepy Hollow"), and the combo works nicely. I adorned DD#3's "womakin" with DD#1's pea coat so the blazer could show off the scarf.

(DD#1 used to call mannequins "womakins" if they were in the women's dept.)

And here is the blanket I've begun as the backing of a blanket, a washable lap blanket for ?? that I'm going to back with a fabric that is SO COOL but it's a secret for now. (Thanks, Kathy, for encouraging me to try a larger needle size--instead of 8 it was 9 that I needed. It's going great!)

And I'm getting stuff together to back the Baby Moderne Log Cabin in brown polar fleece, when I have time!

From the Cellar Came an Unearthly Howl . . .

Well, OK it was coming from my study . . . and actually it wasn't totally unearthly since I knew it was emanating from one of the feline fluffbutts at our house, Cleo. Seems my yarn stash is bringing out the primal instincts in her. Every night after most or all of us have gone to bed, she apparently heads for my yarn cubbies and chooses something tasty, howling as if she's in heat, and then drags the skein out into the hallway, sometimes farther. And leaves it there. I guess I can be glad she doesn't chew it or pull it apart and tangle it!

I've been doing finish work on several projects that were essentially done but now are actually completed. That means two scarves, a hat, and potentially the lining for a purse I made a while ago, if I don't lose my enthusiasm for finishing up things.

I'm also taking a go at a new "The Same, But Different," the shell from Yarn Girls' Guide to Beyond the Basics, a pattern I started two years ago and messed up so much that I abandoned it for a looooong time. But so far so good! I only wonder if the Katrina will turn out to be too heavy--the problems before weren't in that vicinity but it does seem dense to me now. But if all goes well, I'll be able to wear it to school in the fall, and someone will ask me the question I can finally answer YES to--"Did you knit that yourself?"

I've also begun a child's blanket to be backed with some gorgeous fabric I found on eBay but that will have to be top secret for now. Or visit me on ravelry for more pictures.