Knitting on a scarf

I've almost finished the lined Malabrigo hat for DH, and have started (what? UFOs and she's starting NEW projects? What gives!!??) a scarf in Manos del Uruguay (or is it Malabrigo?) Stonechat. The 1x1 rib is perfect for a simple scarf that doesn't curl like stockinette would. I will have a hard time parting with it!

No pics, sorry. Life is just too Too at the moment. But I did get to Seattle last weekend to a conference and then to visit with DS Kate and my step-mom and step-sister (neither of them evil!). That was a welcome respite, and DSM is doing really well after serious surgeries for her Parkinson's--Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. It has done wonders for her. We have gotten back our "mom" of three years ago, after a steady decline that left her without facial expressions, frozen in her body. She feels let out of prison. Miracles can be performed in 2007, hallelujah! Also got to spend time finally with my jewel of a niece, Leonie, for whom I made the cape and hat last winter--and which she wore this past weekend! A knitter's moment of deep pleasure, seeing what I made her fitting and happily worn. 8^)

Cheers and happy knitting!

Watch me knitting!

Riffing off someone's excellent observations . . .

Some thoughtful soul said what I needed to hear. My blog is a hobby, not a job. I apologize (or feel apologetic) when I don't get around to blogging, but the reality is that life offers more free time at some times than others. Mostly I just feel sad because (obviously) there are no visitors, since they have been negatively reinforced by coming to what they have already seen, with no new entries. It's nice to be liked!

BUT since life is not a beauty contest (. . . or is it? why is everyone paying more attention to Brittney Spears than to me?) I heartily espouse Tartx's little crusade to get us all to stop apologizing!

Not that this is the cause of my sometimes infrequent blog posts, but . . .

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I'm Officially a


Jejune said so. She liked her prize package. ;^) And no, I didn't spin the soft wool I sent, but someone else did, and I had purchased it from her via eBay. Now it falls into the hands of someone who loves wool, and purple. Have at it!

As for the sweater pattern, which was the raison d'etre for the whole contest, I settled on a pattern called the Fuji Jacket from my LYS, Knitting Arts, which is none of those I was directed to through the contest's participants. Sorry, y'all.

Back to the salt mines. Happy Knitting, all, and happy gift enjoyment, Jejune!