"Who Loves Ya, Baby?"

Some of you, of a certain age (along with me), remember Telly Savalas in the 70s, and his signature line from his series, Kojak. With that Dum-Dum lollipop in his mouth, he somehow made all the womenfolk swoon, but I was too young to think him handsome. Ewwwww!

His line has stuck though. When I come through for a DD who needs something, or give one of them an unexpected little gift ("happies" my friend Monica calls them), I can't help it--that's what I say. "Who loves ya, Baby?" is almost overdone here at my house!

I've been working away on more lined bags, this time though, in a taller, narrower size for sunglasses. When I got out all the pretty fabrics I've been purchasing from etsy vendors like WhimsieDots and mineymo, DD#2 was smitten and asked if I could make one for her shades, and I was all over it. I asked her to choose a fabric, which she did. And I got all the parts together, sewed it up and turned it right side out, and stitched up the last details. There! Now she just has to come home and find it on her keyboard.

Here are a few other shots of the lovely sunglasses case:

Since you asked, here are some of the vintage fabrics I've purchased recently from whimsiedots:
Aren't those first two just meant for each other?

And here are photos of some of my other glasses pouches, meant for the fall etsy shop to raise funds for TNT again: