But wait! There's more!

I am trying out new stitches, and found my Vogue Stitchionary Volume One truly inspiring. With medium needles and some worsted weight, I sat down and tried out several. Here they are, in all their inept glory:

9. purl ridges
8. mock rib
7. cartridge rib
6. garter ridge rib (wrong side)
5. I don't know (wrong side?)
4. yarnovers in garter
3. seed
2. moss
1. I don't know!

It was a great exercise, and I want to continue to try new stitches with cables, and with other combinations of K and P. I was trying out things that had no more than four rows in the pattern, but if I get braver, I can try many more. When I get more clear about things like psso, ssk, etc., and knitting into the same stitch more than once, I think I will be an intermediate knitter. :^)

Baby Blanket Begun

I finally got somewhere with the baby blanket. The yarn was tricky to cast on with so after frogging it three times (and screaming primally but not very therapeutically) I realized that if I cast on with double strand and then dropped one of the strands, I would be more successful. And I was!

If this yarn looks familiar, well, you have a good memory. It is the same soy silk I used for that hat a few weeks back. I am in love with it. And BTW I am doing the purl ridge stitch, which I just learned. Odd number of rows: Row 1 K; Row 2 P; Row 3 K1P1 all the way across; Row 4 P. Repeat the four rows.