Why It Is Good to be a Mother

While DD1 finishes finals in New Haven, I assume that she will mention Mother's Day when she returns this Wednesday. :^) Even if not, she has both called and written me lately with the sorts of conversations and topics that warm a mother's heart.

DD2 is out right now and may well have finished her Mother's Day paeans with a simple greeting of the day. That is her style, but she is no less a sweet and loving daughter.

DD3 awoke me with breakfast in bed, vegan pancakes and a latte made with the espresso machine we almost never use. :^) And she stayed to eat breakfast with me while I lounged in bed. She gave me this for a giftie:

I think she knows her mama! She gave it with one limitation: I must make something for myself. Hmm. I'll think on it.

Hope this day is a good one for you, either as you honor your mother, or you are honored, or both!