Twilight Time

Finished my Twilight scarf! This was yarn I purchased from Yarn Lust a while back, superwash wool, and it made a lovely neck wrap.

I finished Bonnie and Clyde some time ago but forgot to post it--one half is Bonnie and the other Clyde (Louet, same colorway--"Sleepy Hollow"), and the combo works nicely. I adorned DD#3's "womakin" with DD#1's pea coat so the blazer could show off the scarf.

(DD#1 used to call mannequins "womakins" if they were in the women's dept.)

And here is the blanket I've begun as the backing of a blanket, a washable lap blanket for ?? that I'm going to back with a fabric that is SO COOL but it's a secret for now. (Thanks, Kathy, for encouraging me to try a larger needle size--instead of 8 it was 9 that I needed. It's going great!)

And I'm getting stuff together to back the Baby Moderne Log Cabin in brown polar fleece, when I have time!