More, Better

I'm making progress on Blankie, and I find that as it takes shape, I don't dislike it anymore. It's not love I'm feeling, but I see its charms now. And I know more that I can bring to the next throw I knit. Another kitty moment, as you can see, since a blanket has been laid on the floor--what else would it be there for, Cleo asks, but to stand on and start a leisurely bath?

I'm still startitis-ing, and now it's the Easy Drop Stitch Scarf pattern. I liked the word "easy" in the title, but I admit up front that it will be a challenging "easy" because it's an 8-row pattern. I am thinking up ways to make sure I know what row I'm on. A row counter, you suggest? Excellent idea, but it hasn't worked for me. I'm thinking rows of numerals 1-8 on a sheet of paper, crossed off each time I finish one. Rudimentary but hopefully effective. And what yarn shall I use for this? The creator of the pattern recommends something variegated. Time to go peruse the stash.

Happy knitting, all!