Finished the baby poncho and hat

I have made a baby poncho and hat this week from two patterns mentioned on Knitting Novices. I am pretty proud of them but have a ways to go on sewing things well. Good practice for the next projects. Here are links to the hat--
and poncho--
I used two strands, Caron's Simply Soft in Plum Wine, and Lion Brand Wool-Ease in
Dark Rose Heather.
These baby things are for my niece, Leone, who was born 11/30 last year and will receive them on her first birthday (shhhhh! if you know her!). I think I will attempt a knitted rosette later (also something that was mentioned on Knitting Novices this week), and I AM going to learn enough crochet to put a soft, fuzzy edging on the bottom of the poncho, but I already have another project underway. :^)

Next up: Karaoke variegated soy silk cap, already a challenge just on the first five rows (note to self: don't watch movies while casting on large numbers of stitches and establishing a pattern).

Happy Knitting!