On the needles

I haven't been neglecting my knitting! Just my blog. DH has the camera on a trip to WA state, so I am awaiting backup or his return for photos of my recently finished striped felted tote. It wasn't a TOTE-al failure, yuk yuk, but it didn't satisfy me at all. Then Pippi pulled it off the door knob where I had hung it, chewed on the tasty wool handle a bit, and lay down on the tote to take a nap. So I may cut it apart and make it a kitty bed. It was supposed to be my "fruit salad" bag, but I can't find good colors the likes of which I see in my mind's eye, and so it really disappointed me. Now I have to post pics since everyone will be wondering just how hideous it can be!

Also knitting . . .

A striped stocking cap for my little friend Max, a kindergartner who ran across the idea of sleeping in a cap in one of his storybooks. His mama mentioned it to me and voila, a new project. I'm winging it (bravely) on the pattern, but so far so good. I'm using orange and turquoise Microspun, which I hate because it splits, but it's just right for a little sleeper, not itchy and not too thick.

A hat in Rumors (I know I said only last month that I'd never knit with it again, but the colorway was too compelling--stained glass-like).

The cable scarf that sits languishing since early August. I just came to hate it and don't know when I'll have the character to finish what I started.

Just off the needles, the lovely "scarf" above, done in Skacel Riviera Multi (not a fuzzy type scarf, more an embellishment to a spiffy outfit). I did it on bigger needles and made it just 2-1/2 inches wide, so it will be accentish. The fiber is cotton, linen, and rayon, so it has a great sheen and texture. It's also a great group of colors--Navy, yellow into light green, and green. I'm really happy with it and am back in my "scarfing" mode, where I anonymously gift my coworkers. I have a few new ones this year, so I'm off and running! (Thanks, Sophi, for helping me with the photo!)

Happy knitting!