Knitting in the Gaps

So I've been making other things--scarves, of course--to fill in the gaps while I get my courage up for The Sleeves. Somehow the Quidditch sweater is languishing, unfinished.

Made this scarf from a skein I got from Yarn Lust just before heading to Denver last week. Spent the conference and the flights knitting up a storm. I gave it to my friend Connie last night, and she immediately put on her new neckwarmer (it's barely 46" long, every last micron of the skein going into the scarf!). But what soft yarn--a silk-merino blend. I think she liked it!And this is 90% finished, and somewhat longer--from a skein of alpaca my mom gave me out of her stash. I love the slip stitched edging and it's just a simple garter stitch. So soft.

Here's another one of my projects, though not recent. DD#2 is learning to knit Fair Isle designs! What a thrill to see another addicted knitter learning new skills!

I have been thinking about trying the sleeves again quite often actually. Trying not to psych myself out with the intimidation factor. Then I realized, Hey, if I want to do these sleeves right, I could go to the LYS and ask for some guidance, and sit right there and work on them, with help at my elbow, should I need it. Now that is a brilliant insight, Stacie. So either late this afternoon or tomorrow I'm going to take my project and my optimism over to Purlescence. Maybe this sweater will be finished before it's not needed this winter!!!