While Blocking, Researching, and Getting Brave

In trying to get the Quidditch sweater finished, which is just waiting for me to assemble it, I have been very typically seeking out temporary and more immediately gratifying knitting. I made this lovely Federation Mutoid cap, easy as pie and very soft and warm. Took parts of two evenings.

As for researching on the Quidditch sweater, I have found that the crochet seaming approach "seems" right to me[nah, I tried it--from the right side and the wrong side--and realized it was totally not the right one for this project, and ended up using mattress stitch with good results], and I'm actually going for it today. Wish me luck and skill!

As I mentioned last weekend, I've kept the handspun cottage industry (international and domestic) solvent with these new acquisitions that arrived this week:
Camel "wool" from women who handspun it in Mongolia, via Nomad Yarns, via freshislefibers.com. This is just one little skein, but it was all this yarn acquisitor can manage. I already love its softness and plan to make a hat or scarf with it. It's not exactly thick and thin, but since it's not going to have the stitch definition of a typically manufactured skein, I want to do it justice!

This is bamboo and merino sockweight superwash from Yarn Lust, and don't you just love this colorway? It's so springy. It'll take a lot of knitting, but I think this will be a baby kimono for a little guy I finally "met" recently. ;^)

Also got this skein of banana fiber--which Blonde Chicken calls "bananiere."

and which is much softer than my previous bananiere purchases.

As for me, I've been home sick for two days now with something the students brought me. I've been grading papers (no rest for the sickly), watching for hummingbirds, drinking cups and cups of tea, missing DH who is in WA with his DM, and staying in touch with all the DD's, including the one who "lives" at home but is knee deep in independence and really only comes home to sleep or do homework (and even that, not always--she can't do homework here because she gets distracted or drowsy . . .). Keeping all the cats happy and healthy (seems to be going fine) and watching House reruns or Law and Order are my other pastimes, but all in all, things are just peachy here at the end of January.

Happy knitting!