A tea cozy for my friend Monica

This is either the genuine article or a useful prototype for Monica's teapot. I don't have hers so am using a "stunt double" that I believe is a bit more rotund than hers. If she likes it, it's her Christmas gift! If not, I have a stash the size of Montana and plenty of willingness to duplicate the pattern (which is the one she had approved beforehand).

Yes, this yarn is some hand-dyed worsted from Scout's Swag. I love the stuff and want to knit a sweater with something similar!

It may be hard to see but the pattern has a really neat feature. It is mostly garter but the "ribs" are two stitches that are knitted in the wrong order and slipped off the needle together, which has a sort of cable result. I got the pattern some time ago and showed her about four different ones. Finally showed her all the ones I felt I could tackle, and she liked this one. I used the smaller version here, which is s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d around my 4-cup teapot, so it should be best for a smaller pot.

I have three scarves in the works, after fetching more wool for each (amazing how 55 yds does not a scarf make!!), and have so little time for knitting left. Vacation ends Tuesday at 6 a.m. when I drag myself out of bed to go to school. Nevermind. I will enjoy the knitting I can get in from now till then.

Rachel revels in her new blanket

This is Rachel, DD1, on Dec. 25, after she found her blanket along with her Christmas stocking. I love the House of Lords wig effect. I think she likes the blanket too. She has it on her bed now, and it fits right in with the general decor.

Ahhhh! Time to knit

I may never have this arrangement again--three teenage daughters all wanting to cook, a MIL visiting who is never happier than when she is demonstrating her culinary strengths, and the gifts all wrapped and nestled under the tree. So what's a woman to do? Knit! Here are three things I've been working on, just because it is so gratifying to create something quickly.

First, what I have OTN right now is a scarf done in that Knit a row, K1P1 for a row, and repeat pattern. I love the name of the mohair--"chocolate almonds," and the variegated nubbly wool is perfect with it.

Then, I have a shortish scarf made with Kidlin in blue and a variegated nubbly crayon colored wool:

And I also have almost finished the Kidlin/Pandora scarf I started several days ago--it just needs its fringe to be ready to wrap.
"May your days be merry and bright, and may all your knitting jobs go right."

DH says it will make a fine fishing net . . .

But I think it makes a striking scarf. He also says it won't keep his DM's neck warm, but I think he is just gunning for a swift kick. (Mixing metaphors, eh?) Anyway, it is the coolest fiber, found at my new LYS Purlescence, a yarn called KidLin, 49% linen, 35% kid mohair, and the rest nylon. It has a nice structure from the linen.

I also made a cellphone holder for DMIL. Here it is:

Well, I am not attached to the outcome, whether she will like these gifties or not. But I did choose a color I think she will like.

More later as I finish other OTN projects.

Knitting Like Madame DaFarge

I have been getting a ton done on projects because I got some free time* and have been using all my at-home hours to knit. DH, on a trip abroad, will be glad to know that no meals are getting made, no trash being taken out, no dishes put into the dishwasher, but I am happily knitting. And the girls forage for themselves (no worries, they are 15 and 17 and entirely capable of making a meal) and the cats make sure I feed them. I DID do the laundry this week!!

*Hardly remember what free time is, but once I get going, I sort of get the hang of it!

So I'm nearly done with that huge project for DD1, of which I had better not put up pictures for now, and yesterday I finished a cool felted tam for my SIL yesterday.

This is the pic of that--made of baby alpaca of several types. The bottom band is thicker and the top portion almost lacey, and it felted nicely! And to boot, it is not itchy as wool can sometimes be, esp. when felted. Shore hope she'll like it!

I think I have TMJ, on the right side, after going in to the doc and finding out that I have NO ear infection but achy pain and a spasming scalp muscle just behind my ear. So it's my jaw that's hurting, not my ear. I guess from reading on the good ole' internet that I can be elated that I'm not having popping and shooting pains and a jaw that won't shut or won't open. Even so, the ache is significant. It is less than fun but the Advil is helping and I am supposed to avoid chewing for a few days. The PA told me that if I'm having steak I should put it in the blender. Now I WASN'T planning to have steak, but the idea definitely turns it into a "no way."

small things

Made a little drawstring cellphone cozy:

It's 2x2 ribbing, which I have found is the best result with Rumors by Paton. The colors somehow pool better than with straight knitting or stockinette.

And I also used two skeins of a neat ribbon yarn, made of wool and nylon, to make a manly sort of scarf:

It's icona from Bertagna Filati. The texture is quite squishy in a nice comforting way. It will be a "scarf" scarf for someone at school. An almost random act of knitting generosity. Sorry about the free advertising. Mr. Gates should pay me.

Hope you are all happily knitting away.


I'm running as fast as I can! and even getting to knit a little. But the blog went a'begging this weekend. I'm almost done with the blanket I've been working on, so will post pix soon. I finished that lovely soft pink scarf with the waffle-weave look. It blocked nicely too. About to start the special present for one of the most challenging recipients ever, my mother-in-law. I hope she will like it! More on that later, and a pic of the yarn. Unique to say the least.

Happy knitting, all!