Muggle Knitting Patterns???!!!

My DD2 has a new CD out with original songs about Harry Potter and his experiences.

You can check out one of the songs at this link:

US: $8

International: $10

and a matching hat!

So even though I thought I might run out of the last of the Wick skein I was given, I decided to give it a go and make a matching baby hat.

I cast on 54 stitches with size 9s and then used garter stitch for about an inch and a half. Then I switched to size 11s and stockinette stitched for about two inches before beginning the decrease.

Then I did K4 K2tog for a knit row, purled the next row, K3 K2tog the next row and then purled the next. K2 K2tog for the next row, purl again, K1 K2tog, purl, and K2tog all the way across. Then I purled again, and did the next row K2tog again, and ended up with just a few stitches. When I had only 3 or 4 stitches, I bound off. I stitched up the seam.

For the "doodly things," I used an H crochet hook and just freeformed tentacles of about 8-10 stitches using a single stitch, added more chain to start another one, sc'ed those, etc, until I had six tentacles of varying lengths (none longer than 2 in.) I anchored them on top using both ends of the yarn, by crocheting the last doodly thing back down toward the center where the other was.

The hat is nice and stretchy and would fit a child 2-8 months old, unless the baby was a pumpkin head. :^)

Like my vase as a hat form?

And amazingly, I still have a tiny bit of the Wick left!!

Tomorrow, foot surgery and then a long recuperation period that will require I sit and knit. Poor me!