Where Did August Go?

Alas, I am already back at school finishing up meetings before tomorrow's orientation of the middle schoolers. I can already feel the busyness overtaking me, but I'm remembering that I like nearly all the things I do when work gets going. I guess I'd just like to drink from the garden hose, not the fire hose.

I have continued to knit and finished up a few things, but didn't start anything new! Woo-hoo!

DS visited for four days, and after all the nieces got to monopolize her time, we went just the two of us to San Francisco overnight to do some fun stuff. First stop, the Craft Show at Fort Mason (rather high end, but I bought a gorgeous "second" at a glassmaker's booth--ain't it sweet?).
We saw Beach Blanket Babylon (my 2nd, her 1st) and had second row seats--and laughed our butts off. That send-up of Oklahoma ("Yokohama") with the dancing cowboys wearing kimonos and cowboy boots is still about my favorite bit in the show. There were the current nods to Obama and McCain, jokes at George W's expense, and a reminder that Hillary Clinton has conceded the Democratic nomination. Aside from those, there were some gags that seemed a little dusty ("In Sink," with the boys joined by "Brittney and Jamie Lynn" who couldn't keep hold of their babies in the dance number . . . Prince and his unpronounceable symbol, Ellllllvis, etc. . . . zzz). But overall it was a really fun show and a bit of San Franciscana like no other city's got.

Later, dinner at the Fog City Diner was quite tasty. How many times in my life have I ordered the schnitzel?! We got Bill Shatner to help us find a deal on a great room (at the Hyatt Regency! [says with a flourish]) overlooking the Ferry Building.
After a good night's sleep, we went to the farmer's market at the FB and had a walking breakfast, looking at all the gorgeous produce that California can offer up.

Then we headed across the City to the DeYoung Museum, remodeled a year or two ago (and a totally different experience now!). DS has been keeping me from becoming a total lout for some time, as I find myself allergic to most modern art. But she took me to see Dale Chihuly's installation there, and it was a tour worth every penny. I loved the color and texture, the echoes of nature, blah blah blah. See, even with modern art, I can start up that art-speak stuff. But it was wonderful.
Then it was time to head back down the Peninsula so we would be home in time for Singing Daughter's 19th birthday celebration, prepared by her older sister, World-Saving Daughter. And then the next day, DS's visit was already over and we had to say goodbye to her. 8^( But she is back to her own busy life in eastern Washington.

OTN: Working on a totally simple baby blanket, yellow, out of some of that incredibly fuzzy, soft, and addictive microfiber that's available for baby stuff these days. Just garter stitch (it's fuzzy, and the stitch doesn't matter one whit). I know a few great potential recipients (or at least I know their mothers), and time will tell which of them becomes the lucky, cuddly owner of this blankie.

Continuing work on the sleeves for Singing Daughter's No Longer Super Secret Project #1, the Quidditch Sweater, done in her college's colors (brown and blue). I'm actually much further along than this picture would indicate.She likes it! And it will get finished around the time that the fall turns bitter cold and winterish, in Boston, in mid-October ([gasps]--and people want to live there??). So what is left to knit for a challenge? [maniacal laughter].

I'll ponder that in all my free moments.

Happy knitting to you all.