Conquering Even the Simplest of Sewing Projects

Talk about ambivalence--when it comes to sewing I go back and forth between courageous and insecure. This time it was a project bag for knitting, that I'd seen in Bells' recent post. She linked back to the tutorial she'd used to make hers, so I printed out the instructions and gave it a go.

But first I went to Michael's a scored a 40% off coup--the fabric cutting board regularly $49.99 came home with me at much less. 8^) And then I had to go to Joann of course, to see what fat quarters might be waiting to turn into a project bag. Finally got going this morning after doing a little cutting (love the rotary cutter tool!), and immediately created something rather wonky and off-kilter.

I was sure my trouble lay in the spatial relations portion of my cranium (or rather, where it SHOULD be). After all, what could be so hard about sewing a rectangle onto a square? But alas, it didn't come out right. Finally DD#3, who has tons of spatial relations prowess as well as much more sewing moxie than her mother, offered to see what was wrong, made her own prototype following the pattern, and pronounced it a mistake in measurements.

Whew! I'd rather not be bad at measuring, but if it comes to something I can easily FIX, then that's OK with me. So a little fabric went back into the scrap bag, but with more, a reclaimed sheet and some backing fabric, I came up with the first of many project bags I expect I'll make.

As can be seen, the bag is just the size for a sock and some of those teeny sock needles people use. Not being a sock knitter YET, I could only stick my smallest project in there with my longer needles.

Next bag will be a tad larger!