A Plug for My DH

As some of you know, DH was diagnosed with cancer just over a year ago, a period of time that in retrospect has passed in a blur, but which for him has been travail, journey, ordeal, and odyssey. He joined Team in Training and began running with them last summer (while in the midst of chemo!) with "honoree" status, and has become more avid with every passing month.

Team in Training raises money for research funded by the American Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and as a runner, he has decided to go for the brass ring and train to run in two marathons this fall. Fundraising is required for admission as an official runner, so he is now in the process of raising the $$ that will help him reach his goals, both in terms of donations and his running endeavors.

If you have a few minutes and would like to know more about Keith and his plans for these two marathons, you can read about him on his TNT pledge page.

After I give him a high five, it's back to the Moderne Baby Blanket, which I may finish this weekend!