Happy "B" Day

And no, I don't refer to birthdays, JK Rowling's, Harry Potter's, or anyone else celebrating today, though many happy returns and all that.

No, I refer to the subjects of my post today, the first of which is "bowl." (Though my cat Pippi [below, left] might also qualify, under the category "boob." She is rather doofy.)

If you have been paying close attention since last December (and I won't be hurt if you weren't) this is my solution to the alpaca hat that I made DH for Christmas (too loose), later felted, and too small. So I sewed a whip stitch around the edge, picked those up with crochet, picked those up with knitting needles, and knitted the rest of the top, clearly NOT a hat any longer, but a bowl.

DH can rest easy: another soft, fluffy hat (not felted!) will be his when the weather gets cold enough for hats.) This bowl, though, seems to still need a bit more of a clip. Where is that sweater shaver when you need it? Just trimming it with the sewing scissors hasn't brought out the lovely stripes and gradations of color--it's just a halo of fuzz right now. Sigh. If you were a sweater shaver, at my house, where would you hide?

Next up, we have "blocking board."
The cat at right (below) is not Pippi, but her large and lovely brother, Percival). He would not look at the camera either.

I love this blocking board! It folds open to 33x51 I believe, and the grid makes it easier for line challenged types like me to block something straight and neat. I got all excited about it after reading the Knitting Daily email about blocking basics, and since I've been spotty at best in the blocking department, I went for it. I want my gifts to look more "finished" and professional when I give them.

I've read all the posts on the Knitting Daily site from people commenting and asking more questions about blocking, and I still feel the same--I'm going to block most things from now on, because they end up looking more polished.

If you are thinking the blocking board looks like the one in the Knitting Daily posts, you are correct. It's made by a company in Ohio. Here's where I got mine. Not a plug for Joann, but they did move me to their free shipping club after I made this purchase (and I had bought it during a free shipping offer too--).

When I ordered it online, it was only after calling around to local Joann Fabrics stores and others, asking for the "Sew E-Z." No one carries it. DH said, snidely, "Funny how the Sew E-Z is not so easy to find!" He's a keeper.

OK, OTN: I admit it. I've started two new projects in the past 24 hours. No, Mom, I didn't finish all the ones I've got started, but I did finish the bowl! And it only took 7 months!! I'm 3/4 done with the little pink booties too, working on them during Law and Order SVU.

I have started a small pouch made with some gorgeous variegated hand-dyed merino from [and I love this name--it is so perfect] Yarn Rescue. Doesn't it feel virtuous to purchase something that is being RESCUED? I bought "Ripple," and "Opposites Attract," consisting of a green "Splendid" and the pink/purple combo, called "Clown Frown." It's the "Splendid" that I'm using for the pouch and have finished the eyelet row for a drawstring cord. I haven't decided whether to felt it or not, but I'm thinking it would make a perfect pajama bag for a little girl I know.

I also started a felted tote out of plain old Lion brand Wool Perfect for Felting, with brown, seaglass green, teal, and an olive-y green. The tote must be great because it is from a pattern called the Sophie bag (Sophi is my DD3) from Black Sheep Bags. They have it done up in solids but I see stripes, so I'm doing stripes!

Happy knitting, all!
PS Finished HP7 today and wow, it was so satisfying! I won't spoil it for anyone still not finished, but it is full of twists and turns and reversals and . . . wow. And I love the last chapter of tied-up loose ends. You can also read JK Rowling's chat about many other details on mugglenet.com, which provides lots of background, explanation, clarification, and bits that weren't in the book but which she has in her head, esp. about the history of certain characters [thx DD2 for the website recommendation]. As for the book itself, my favorite funny moment is when Luna Lovegood distracts people at a critical moment by looking out the window and saying, "Oooh, look, a blibbering humdinger!" I have lots of other favorites too, but I'll spare you now.