An Unexpected Gift

I arrived at school this morning and wheeled the rolling attache into the teachers' room, checking my mailbox as I do every day. On this Monday morning, though, a gift awaited! My coworker, Carol, had seen this knitting calendar, thought of me, and got it as a little "happy" for me.

How sweet! You realize your knitiot tendencies are widely known when something like this happens. ;^)

I found this historical tidbit on January 28: "While we don't know for sure where knitting began, historians feel reasonably sure that its birthplace was somewhere in the Islamic world of the Middle East. Why? Well, there are lots of reasons, but one of the coolest is that knitting moves right to left, just like Islamic writing does. Historians believe that if Europeans had invented knitting, it would progress as our writing does, from left to right."

Happy knitting, all! Hope I have pet fur news tomorrow!