When I'm Not Knitting or Teaching . . .

I'm having crazy cakes decorated for a retreat contest we had today. "Guess the person represented by the dish." Various faculty members brought items from a foreign country (Turkish family) or favorite cookies, or various other categories. I got a cake that had been decorated with fondant made into that sweater that I seem never to finish, along with a pair of needles and various other knittish things. It was quite fun and the cake was out of this world good, with almond ganache frosting inside. Yum.

We also had an hour of R and R at our retreat today, which Queen of Purple Yarn and I headed up with one activity--knitting of course! So we were three knitters with three learners/refreshers, and it was a hour to work on my latest start--Louet Bonnie and Clyde in a scarf that will be 2x2 ribbing, half Clyde and half Bonnie. Clyde is boucle, and it's reminding me why I don't love boucle yarns, but the scarf is turning out great. I knitted on it at the retreat today, and people mentioned having been watching me as it progressed through an interesting presentation on how to maintain proper boundaries with students. And actually this was the best speaker/topic we've had at retreat in a long time. Pictures at 11. 8^)

Back to knitting now, and tomorrow I intend to try the sleeves on DD#2's sweater one more time.