One (half a) Skein for booties

Back from all my travels with things that I started and now need to finish. But I do have the baby booties I knitted from the one skein project here! They required a before-and- after shot, so there's one waiting to be stitched up, and the finished product. Good pattern, not too hard and not too easy. They are the Stay On Knit Booties from Bev's Country Cottage. I would have made the cuff part longer if I could have seen what I was going to be doing, but sadly, my brain don't work thataway, so I didn't get it until I was putting it together. Next pair, more initial stitches cast on! And the pattern is flexible as to sizing, but these are more like 6-12 month size, rather than newborn. I used size 7 needles, and I believe the Wick is worsted weight. That would account for them being a bit bigger. (Thank you, Secret Pal! I didn't even need a whole skein of the Wick, but I am now merrily plotting what to do with the remaining half of the skein.)

OT: Check this out: DD2 Molly is becoming famous in a small world of Harry Potter music lovers!