Ready for a Rave?

Not that kind of rave, people. A much, much better sort.

I have found a "one skein" type knitting book that I actually think is worth the money--One-Skein Wonders. It's set up sensibly, by yarn weight! Duh! The chapters start with bulky, and work down to fingering weight (with a nice "heavy worsted" section that often designers don't seem aware exists). There is also a section called worsted-mohair, and one for novelty yarns, the latter being a category many of us are still working on in our stashes from previous projects). Several projects are felted. There are so many patterns (the subtitle is 101 Yarn-Shop Favorites), and the color pictures are great. The patterns come from various LYSes around the US, with a designer usually named. I can see a sequel already, Way More One-Skein Wonders.

The only "awww, shucks" is that I just purchased the coolest shell pattern called Diotima from Valley Yarns, and here it is in the book! Dag-gonnit.

I'm just getting the top started actually, in white mulberry silk that I got on eBay recently, and am pretty excited about it. It will do nicely in the fall when it's 95 degrees in my classroom.

I'll post a photo of my progress on it when I get one of the DDs to loan me a camera--DH is visiting my MIL on Orcas Island for a few weeks of mountain biking, kayaking, and his mom's home cooking, oh, yes, and telecommuting to work via the internet and the phone.


Amanda said...

I've been eying this book for awhile. I might have to get it now! Thanks for the review.

Molly said...

all your silly abbreviations...MIL is just so close to MILF...and that is really funny to say about Nana.

Sue H said...

I too have been eying this book for quite some time, and actually have it on my Amazon wish list. Will get around to buying it pretty soon I think. Thanks for the review.

NH Knitting Mama said...

I love the book, and was lucky enough to meet Judith Durant at the Knit and Crochet show in Manchester, NH. She is nice, which made buying the book that much more enjoyable!