Happy Easter and a bit of naughtiness

(Thanks for steering that bit of chucklery my way, Tom and Bill.)

Ahem! Back to our regularly scheduled sedate knitting blog:

Started something else! [All together now: What a surprise!] It's the same sort of scarf as the Percy (and I am continuing to work on it too), but I got some Sara Superwash through DBNY that was just begging to be knitted up into a scarf. (The close-up swatch color is much more accurate.) I love the yarn and how every once in a while there is a fleck of--blue!--from out of nowhere.

In news unrelated to knitting:
DH planted a Bird of Paradise bush last year (or even two years ago?), and it has slowly grown and slowly become a promising bit of foliage in the yard. Imagine my surprise when I went 'round the side yard the other day and saw its first bloom almost ready to burst open. I pointed it out to DH, and we both marveled. But it kept niggling at me, so the next day as I came home from school, I vowed to bring that bloom inside. I reasoned (unreasonably?) that if I cut the first bloom the plant could put out more blooms. Here it is, now opened, in all its unfathomable beauty.

And here it is, gracing some porcelain busts that my DMIL made in the past few years and which she gave to DH recently.

Which reminds me, I saw some photos of Australian daisies on a blog last fall and was stunned by their beauty and otherworldliness. If any of you has such a flower in your own yard (wrong time of year?), I would love to see more of these. Don't know if one can even get the seeds Stateside, but I think they outdo our tame little white daisies by a mile!

Happy knitting (and gardening!) y'all.