Angelina's blanket and Katrina back panel DONE!

The back panel of the Katrina tank is officially done! You may note that it is two slightly different shades--that would be one of those beginner mistakes.

I desperately sought and located some extra Katrina in this color, and the kind woman who had already balled it up sent them to me (for cash, of course) and I immediately commenced with her stuff when I ran out of the first skein, conveniently just after the middle row of lace. So the top is a bit more "glacier" than the bottom.

Fortunately, I can start at the bottom on the front panel the same way, with my skein, and switch to her yarn for the top portion, and end up with a slightly two-toned front as well. Somehow I just can't imagine it will turn out BAD. I'll just do what people always say you should do, call it a design element.

And here are two views of the blanket for Angelina (due 4/2/07) that I finally sewed together this weekend: knitted on one side and ivory polar fleece on the other; add a satin edge and it looks like it would keep a baby PRET-ty warm.