Shoulder Pain Signals Excessive Knitting 8^(

I have had, for about 24 hours, a lot of discomfort in the front of my left shoulder, across to my collar bone. Hurts when I let my arm dangle, and if I prop it, the pain gets better. This would seem to indicate that I overdid it in knitting last week. I'm going to take some NSAIDs and use Tiger Balm, and thankfully I'm too busy with schoolwork again to get much time for knitting. Sigh. Maybe by the weekend I can try again for short periods. Wish me success!


Anonymous said...

feel better!!!

Carolyn said...

Umm, I had pain in my shoulder and upper arm after knitting marathons. It turned out that I had biceps tendinitis and rotator cuff syndrome. I had to get physical therapy and cut back on my knitting drastically for awhile. Sure hope you get better!