Have you seen this amazing short film?

In the most amazing sort of way, it's about knitting! I understand that more than 700 intarsia panels were knitted by Montreal tricoteuses (OK tricoteurs too probably) to make this come alive. It is amazing and cool!

I love how the man in the animation/knitting looks like Cat Stevens back in the day! So cute! The music, sung in French, is haunting, and the images of these intarsia people tobogganing is something you'll never forget!

This duo, Tricot Machine, makes strange, lovely music in Quebec apparently. More on their myspace page, including links to other youtube vids of them. But none so cool as the knitting one.


(Just a warning for those who hate sites that start up with music and scare the bejesus out of you--this link begins playing a song about three seconds after the main page loads.)

In other news . . . working on a felted purse that I knit up LAST NIGHT out of one of my midnightsky fibers skeins--a tiny purse but when defuzzified it should be a sweet little bag. Pictures at 11.

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Susan said...

Isn't it amazing? Watched it yesterday, wish I spoke French. What is that song about?