Baby Kimono completed and a LYS coup!

It's a heavy-duty little wrap, thick and cushy, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it still fits Angelina! I have learned a ton, and when I tackle this pattern again, I will do even better with it.

I think it needs three buttons where the lace edging angles downward, which would remove the need for at least the external set of ties. I could even put a button inside at the bottom to substitute for those ties, a bit bulky.

I got the strap attached to the Deanna purse, and have been trying various other covers for the magnetic closure--still not satisfied with what I've done so far. I'll post a pic when this is all done.

Yesterday I scored a major coup when I found, at the sidewalk sale at one of my LYSes, Inspiration by SWTC for $3/skein. The regular price was $13!!! So needless to say I bought a bunch. No project in mind of course (work backwards, I like the challenge!!). It is almost a DK weight alpaca and soy fiber, and I got it in lavender. Seems like it would make a baby kimono too--I may just do this.

Friends and family need to start having babies so I can knit for everyone!

Happy knitting, all.