Hey Y'all! A different kind of charity knitting donation

Here's a great idea if you have any extra stash (hahahahahaha) or duplicates of needles or crochet hooks. A group in Philadelphia needs donations for women in rehab at a place called the Interim House. Seeing as knitting has proven incredibly relaxing for me, and productive, and creative, and dare I even imagine it, artistic, I can hope that these people will find some similar bennies from the craft. If you'd like to donate too, check out this website. There's a related contest and a Prize Winner, but honestly, it's not that for me, it's a chance to spread the knitting gospel, hallelujah, amen.

Here's a link to the blog showing the women's finished objects so far.

And yes, since you ask, I got together two skeins of a few things: some self-striping sock yarn, some Moda Dea Cache that's a bit too glam for me, but great in general, some Lion Brand microspun, and a skein of bobbly funky novelty yarn that would make a great kid's scarf or hat. Note that this generous thinning of my stash will NOT correspond to more trips to the LYS for replenishment. I can finally close the drawers of my organizer! And I have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside (not caused by yarn!) that someone can benefit from my stashpile.

Continuing Adventures in Felting

Here is the iPod case I knitted Molly on the car trip, and here it is, somewhat felted but still not finished (if stitch definition is an indicator). BUT of course now the iPod won't fit in this bag since it's now shorter. So . . . I think this will become a little drawstring purse, and I'll try again with Molly's iPod holder. At least the wool is lovely and the color is deep and rich. :^/