Back above water!

I'm breathing!

The end of the school year was a grueling experience, which, while not unpleasant, was just relentless. I was exhausted!

I have been recuperating by knitting a shopping tote, which I will probably finish and felt in the next few days.

While grading papers, I kept up to date on both CSI Miami and my new best TV show, Law and Order SVU, so I was able to keep the stress rate a bit lower, even though I couldn't knit!

Meantime, DD#2 has graduated from high school and is happily embarking on a Roonil Wazlib summer, touring and playing locally and then in New Jersey. Then at the end of August, she goes to Tufts for her pre-orientation and I fly out to help her get her dorm room cozy.

More pictures of knitting projects when the camera returns from Hong Kong! DH is traveling on business right now.