Knitting for Babies

Have been having a great time making booties and a hat that will fit "Baby Bob" for oh, about a week when he debuts in early October. His mom, Danielle, is our admissions director at the MS and liked them when we gifted her at a baby shower last week. Just have to imagine the cap--same yarn of course, 2x2 ribbing. I liked this color combo and thought it works for a boy, born in autumn too. The yarn is one of my favorite yarns for babies (not only, but in my choice-making), Wick by K1C2.

In other Knitting Knews, I've started a seed stitch scarf with a skein of mink that I bought last spring from Great Northern Yarns. This yarn is like buttah, only fuzzy. 8^) Downside to black yarn, as you know, is that unless I knit in bright light, I don't see what I'm doing. So I'm going to rip back several rows where I stopped "seeding" and started "1x1 ribbing."

Still working on several other scarves though, in various patterns. I pick up one and work on it awhile and then go with another. The one I'm doing in mohair blend watermelon colorway from Freshisle Fibers has to wait for cooler weather though, as I cannot knit with anything THAT thick and fuzzy until we get through this heat wave we're having, which threatens to warm up to the triple digits next week.

Now that I'm knee-deep in school again and have taken on yet another role as grade level coordinator for "Students of Concern," I see some knitting but alas not much blogging in my immediate future. Thanks to anyone who sticks with me through RSS feeds etc.

Happy knitting, all!