**Does** Stacie Adventure?

Admittedly, my knitting posts have slowed down as I've been focused on the Writing Wizards blog more this summer.

But of course I've been knitting. Let me show you.

This is a twin rib scarf from two balls of La Perle Alpaca (washable!) that I got at Green Planet Yarns in their sale bin. Those of you who've seen my knitting in past years will notice that I love this color combo.

This is a men's scarf in Jo Sharp Ultra (colorway is called Nero). I need to weave in ends, but it's essentially done. It's chunky. Also a twin rib pattern.And I took the Lorna's Laces worsted I'd gotten on Bainbridge Island in June and started this 2x2 ribbing scarf. The colors are so wonderfully autumnal--the shade is called "Tuscany." My MIL had purchased this same yarn in January to knit some socks for herself, and that was when I fell in love with the colorway.

Got started with the Katrina shell again:
I'm also more than halfway done with the knitted backing for the blanket I'm making of Swedish-themed printed cotton. It's done in garter ridge stitch. Hard to get the color right in the photograph--a little more red and a little less purple in real life.Don't know what to do with the Moderne Log Cabin baby blanket--I've cut out polar fleece to back it, but I'm not a seamstress, and using blanket edging is not really feasible with such a thick garter stitch. Any advice?
You might have noticed that some of my knitting is adorned with cat hair. Here is one reason:
My mother, a knitter and crocheter herself, always says the cat hairs come at no extra charge. 8^) Kermit is my other sweet boy (Percy being the one most evident on my blog). Doesn't he match the upholstery nicely? Kerm is a big love. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Can't say that about Perce. ;^)

In Non-Knitting News . . .

The DDs were all just together in Mexico for ten days, visiting DD#1's future in-laws who live in Zinacantan, Chiapas state. Rural Mexico, in the southern regions, is much more lush and green than my visions of what one would find in Mexico. They visited many wild and jungle-ish places, including the remains of a Mayan settlement called Tenam Puente.This is the central part of Tenam Puente. In Mexico, the term "ruins" is not used for old abandoned and crumbling structures, as it sounds derogatory.

These are the three DDs all looking related. 8^)

This is a view of the town of Comitan, which is below Tenam Puente.

Here is DD#1 singing with her prometido (fiance) Paco.

DD#2 won big points by finding her mama a skein of handspun, hand-dyed wool in a market in Chiapas.Don't know the yardage or colorfastness, but it is lovely single-ply. I'll probably make something I can felt. DH and I are jealous that the girls got to go and we missed all this, but he's training heavily for the first of two marathons, one of which is Labor Day weekend. Not a time to go on vacation . . .

Speaking of DH, he and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary tonight with a dinner out at our favorite special event place, Amber, in Santana Row.
The day we were married--what you can't see is that we both still had braces on our teeth at the time. Do you think we were too young? ;^)