A cutie's hat and a failure . . .

Here's the success story: I made a small hat with a nice pointy top and a tassel for my niece Leone. I love it and it's so soft. I think I will have to crochet some ties for it, since babies often pull off their hats.

I watched Nenah Galati's video on knitting socks on two circs yesterday and tried to get the hang of it, but alas, even on bigger needles with bigger yarn I just couldn't get it going. I'll try again, but I was discouraged. :^( I'd feel dumber except that this week I've learned I-cord, have been courageous enough to frog an entire hat (too big) so I can re-knit it the right size, and have finished several projects. I just wish it had clicked so I could get going with a pair of socks for a certain recipient for Christmas. Ah well. Patience is a virtue.

Happy knitting!