Just to say that this last week before the "winter holidays" (Christmas vacation) will be jam-packed, and this weekend has been no different. I got two rows done on a hat I'm finishing up for DD2's beloved, Alex. And I have so much knitting I want to get to!

But there are cookies to bake for the exchange (some of us teacher/parents figured out how to get a variety of cookies that we can then divvy up for gifts to give teachers of our offspring). There is the tree to decorate (OK, that can wait, at least a few days), gifts to mail to out of state family (can't wait), gifts to wrap for family here (wait till later), tests to grade (no way! do it now!), and some other school related work that needs to get wrapped up. So . . . my Sunday (as was my Saturday) is going to be taken up. At least I can have the Christmas music going in the background.

Knitting Knotes:
My stepsister says that my little niece LOVES her new watermelon poncho (she's turned two and wants to do everything by herself--a poncho makes this possible!) and hat, and that the pink booties are almost too small already (waaaaah! I was so proud of those!). I had sewn jingle bells and little flower appliques on them, and Leonie loves wearing them and jingling around the room. But since I still know how to knit ;^) I guess I'll just have to put another pair on my to-do list.

Talked to DD2 this morning and she has been knitting at college!! Of course she is knitting a scarf for the aforementioned beloved, for his Christmas present. And she is looking forward to coming home for vacation and doing what has become a lovely tradition--knitting in front of the fireplace with her sister, DD1, friend Emily, and me. DD3 joins us too, and sometimes even DH sits with us and chats. Ahhhh! Only five days before that is all a possibility.

Stash Enhancement Continues: I'll take photos when I can--some loverly stuff! What IS it about Tencel? It's a great "development" in fiber.

More soon. Cheers everyone!