Oh! Oh! Oh!!

I just happened to check the website yesterday to find out where my project is in the queue, and this is what I found:

Yes, those are my four fat cats (if you can see them in the picture--you can embiggen it if you really want to see their porcitude), and their fur, combed for more than two years, has been waiting in line to be spun into gold . . . oops, wrong fairytale . . . into yarn with a halo . . . for more than four months. I knew it would be awhile as VIP Fibers proclaimed the long line ahead of me quite clearly on the homepage. But I was willing to wait.
And yesterday it became clear that in a few days, I will have a skein of my own cats' gorgeous gray-brown yarn. It's 100% cat too. No wool added.

I know some have the immediate response of  [[[[[shudder]]]]]. It sounds repellent to anyone with cat allergies, but that is not the only issue I guess. Some people just think it's sort of daft. Like having your deceased pet stuffed? However, as for allergies, VIP Fibers washes the fur before spinning it, and during this process they remove all the dander in the fur, so they claim to spin up non-allergenic yarn from the result. And I'm not allergic to my cats. So there.

As for me, I'm crazy about the idea and intend to make that skein into something for myself. Perhaps a bufanda (excuse me for trying out my espaƱol--I'm taking a class and brushing up on all the lost and never accessed memory files) since I am so fond of knitting scarves. I will probably knit up a few swatches to find out how it responds and what stitches look best. Apparently the wool looks quite uniform and smooth at first, but blooms upon knitting and handling, so it may end up being somewhat haloed. That's OK with me.

I will most certainly post when I get the skein(s) so that everyone can see what my fuzzbuckets' fur spins up into.

I hope it arrives soon! Can you tell I'm feeling like a little girl? 8^D  (Someone asked me yesterday after I commented on FB about this set of characters--looks like eight/caret/capital D. I told him to turn his head to the left until it hurts slightly, and at 90 degrees he can see that it's a smiley face with a big, open-mouthed grin. I wear glasses most of the time, so the eight is really me in my glasses.)

I've finished another Little Kitty hat for a coworker's daughter, Marisa (who doesn't like to be photographed, but whose mom seems to have successfully talked her into it), 
and a little hat I originally put in the shop has had ties added and been gifted to my BFF Monica's little guy, Nico, so I'm helping to hat the infant world. 
I knitted up booties for another coworker's new sprout, Christian, but have yet to block and wrap them. They will fit best when he is about 9 months old anyway! Now I'm knitting the second Tuscany scarf for my DSM Leone, who coveted the one I sold on etsy in December, right before she could purchase it. It will be a late Christmas present for her. I also have one more Little Kitty hat to stitch up, and am occasionally working on my capelet. I'd better get a move on with that project or I won't get to wear it until next fall!

Happy knitting, all!