Twin Rib Scarf As a Gift

Here it is, my latest project! I'm making a twin rib scarf for someone at my school who is moving on this summer to a different job (in a cold climate!). Every project has to be a new challenge, so I'm trying out the two-row requirements of the twin rib pattern. (Width is multiples of 6 [24 for me], Row 1 is K3 P3 and Row 2 is K1 P1 and repeat; I'm using #10 needles.). It's not hard, but I am using my row counter to keep on top of the rows I'm doing so I know where I'm at. The yarn--Pastaza from Cascade Yarns in a burgundy color (048). It's more than worsted but not quite bulky, and the texture of this scarf is spongey! This yarn is great because it's soft, woolly, and NOT itchy. (It's llama and wool, 50/50.)

On another topic, Flavio is a great, creative knitter. Visit his blog and give him some positive feedback!

Keep on knitting! It's meditation! ~Stacie