Almost 200 Posts!

Hi all--
I am nearing my 200th post (didn't even see 100 slip past me all those months ago), with two more to go after this one.

So let's have a contest!

Everyone who leaves a comment on THIS post before I put up the 200th entry will be included in a drawing for one of two prize packages.

First prize package: Some of that yummy yarn I just got from Midnightsky Fibers and other yarns from my stash, an untouched copy of One Skein, as well as two women's sweater patterns, the Ribby Pulli from Chic Knits, and the Bulky Neckdown Cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple. (Not saying the yarn will make either of the sweaters--it won't--but it's in the general spirit of knitting projects.)

Second prize package: A needle-felting kit and some multicolored roving to go along with it. Purchased at Stitches West in February and more than I can cope with for sure! Also a book on felting methods with several cool projects.

To be sure I had your attention, I put the pictures down here:

First prize package above: Midnightsky Fibers of various types and a skein of Pandora in the same spirit.

Below is the second prize package:
Note that while the felting book is fabulous, it does not teach you to needle felt. Several great resources on the web can do that, or at your LYS you will find someone happy to show you. It ain't hard! With cool felted things, you can add needle-felting and make them even cooler, that's my thinking.

1. When you leave a comment, you have to do it with contact info, because I don't know how to reach you if I don't have a name/email/website! I try to be psychic, but it just doesn't work consistently. It's like cellphone coverage I guess.
2. You yourself can only enter once no matter how many comments you leave (but I promise to be flattered!).
3. If you suggest to other people that they visit my blog and leave a comment on this entry, and in doing so they mention you, then I will add their name and yours, which is how you can get multiple entries.
4. In case you wonder, yes, I will probably be doing this the old-fashioned three-dimensional way, with names on slips of paper in a hat. A beautiful, hand-knitted, hand felted one. 8^)
5. The 200th post will be the one that ends the contest and that announces the WINNERS of this contest. I don't know exactly when that will be, but you have two entries to go--and I promise to do all this within the next few weeks. None of this month-long silence stuff anymore.
6. Prize packages subject to uncontrollable enhancement with additional knit-tish things, not to mention baked goods. DD#3 is a serial baker of the most diet-defying kind. Consider yourself warned!