Barb from Alberta is my SP!

Wow, this time of year is already fun with the packages that arrive since I don't do malls much. But yesterday was JACKPOT time--three packages awaited me. The most exciting was from Alberta, Canada, and inside it was a treasure trove!

Several skeins of yarn, various colors that I love love love, some cotton, some wool, some feltable, some striping. I smell a felted purse project, and felted slippers for one of my nephews!


I also found a candle, a tools holder, a holiday wish list (boy will that be useful in the next few weeks!), some lovely scented white ginger body wash and lotion.


You'd be wrong. Those skeins were singletons meant for me to use with some of the best patterns in One Skein.

And then there was this surprise inside the purple "pop top" tool holder--a set of stitch markers that Barb made for me!

Did I mention I am one lucky SPer?

Barb, thank you so much, and I hope to show you the results of my yarn adventures very soon!