Wow! Nothing like a contest to stir up the blog scene!

Thanks for coming to check out my ramblings, ya'll. I haven't knitted a stitch this week with so much going on at work (school). But I have been checking in and reading some fun comments.

I love that I'm not the only one who's knitted a Waldorf pixie, and to the commenter that you should start Blog Post #1, Yes! You should! Blogging about knitting is a way to blog about your whole life, with structure. Lastly, your comments are so kind. it is so amazing to hear that people like my hat knitting--to me it still looks pretty darned amateurish.

But I'll admit I'm seeing progress. DS picked up the little hat I made a few months ago, the Beribboned bonnet, and asked, "Did you knit this? Wow, your stitches are getting so uniform." I took that as a compliment. My sister doesn't insult me. 8^) She doesn't dare.

Wish I could add pix here but there is nothing to show you. But now we are done with post #199.*

Woo-hoo! Stay tuned!

*Scroll down to the next entry to see the contest info, if you don't know what this means.