A Knitter's Heart Goes Pitter-Patter

Well, my heart went pitter-patter when, in perusing Facebook, I saw recently uploaded photos of DD#2 and her BF, who had gone to New Hampshire on an ice-climbing adventure in -17 degree weather.

That is another story in itself, but let's just say that Mom has ordered DD#2 a set of Under Armour for future outings, not to mention just plain cold-ass days in Boston. She was ill prepared for such frigid conditions, growing up in California.

But as usual, I digress. In those photos, this young handsome guy (DD#2's BF) is captured wearing the hat I knitted him last year! Bonus points, Alex!

Then I saw THIS photo and realized that DD#2 and/or her BF must have loaned their friend George another hat I knitted for the BF last year. That would be the brown and green one he's wearing. The hard hat wearer is their friend Jenna, and I think she's wearing a scarf knitted for her by DD#2.

Another shot of the BF (his scarf was knitted by DD#2 for Christmas--detecting a trend?).

And how is Kermie, you ask? DH took this photo yesterday of him, curled up with his sister Cleo.

(That's him with the hologram eyes.) He's doing better but still is not perky. I have a theory that he may still need a bit more insulin than they started him on, but he's certainly improved. See that gorgeous quilt they're snoozing on? My mother made it for DH and me awhile back. I love it!