How to Get Through a Bad Day

Well, it wasn't a terrible, very bad, horrible, no good day (a la Judith Viorst) but it was worser and worser as the day wore on. I wanted to just stay home, get under the covers, and veg. This is probably all compliments of my hormonally compromised state. But before I even left, I put on comfy clothes

which one can do as a teacher (just don't wear jeans and you are probably home free)

and chose something with down to stay warm

and pockets for the special comfort of my favorite "inner teenager" item: my Bonne Bell Lipsmacker in Dr. Pepper flavor.

I did some retail therapy after school ended

came home to a "no-dinner" evening (don't have to cook, we all just fend for ourselves)

took something for the increasing headache

and this too

and got out the knitting.

There, now I think I can deal.