Why It Is Good to be a Mother

While DD1 finishes finals in New Haven, I assume that she will mention Mother's Day when she returns this Wednesday. :^) Even if not, she has both called and written me lately with the sorts of conversations and topics that warm a mother's heart.

DD2 is out right now and may well have finished her Mother's Day paeans with a simple greeting of the day. That is her style, but she is no less a sweet and loving daughter.

DD3 awoke me with breakfast in bed, vegan pancakes and a latte made with the espresso machine we almost never use. :^) And she stayed to eat breakfast with me while I lounged in bed. She gave me this for a giftie:

I think she knows her mama! She gave it with one limitation: I must make something for myself. Hmm. I'll think on it.

Hope this day is a good one for you, either as you honor your mother, or you are honored, or both!

UFOs abounding

Too much to do, and too little motivation to do the heaviest lifting when I get any knitting time. So . . . the Katrina tank is blocked but not sewn or finished at neck and arm holes; the Deanna purse is finished all except sewing the strap and adding the magnetic closure; the scarf I started in Korochon (?) is half done but too itchy to knit in warm weather; an aqua banana fiber purse/tote colors my fingers blue so I tend to only knit on it when I'm at home and in jeans; and a baby jacket I started in pink Goa (GGH) is underway but not nearly finished. With this many UFOs I guess I'm a legitimate KnitWit now. That's what DH says my "next" license plate should say. He thought that was original! [smirky smile] Shows how much blog reading he's done about knitting!

Happy knitting all--