I'm Not Biased

But I do love this Bias Blanket that I made for a friend's new baby, born Friday. The pattern seems to have an error at the end of the purl rows that I gradually figured out, but I just kept going since it was hardly noticeable. It's Lion Organic Cotton, nice and stretchy for wrapping a newborn in, as well as cool for summer and September (we usually have our hottest weather then). And of course cotton because it's washable, which has finally sunk in for me after several years of knitting things that require hand-washing, which is ridonculous for a baby.

I started a child's hat with leftovers from skeins of CashSoft Aran, but I may rip it back and do alternating stripes all the way up because I am out of the blue, and it will just look weird if I finish up in the purple.

I have several projects underway right now, and regularly start new ones, but this is what I'm working on these past few days.

Other things keep me distracted, such as this lovely visitor--

and my writing blog (for my tutoring students). The hummer photos are much easier to take now that DH has built me a little "automatic" camera which requires me only to use a bulb to activate the button and take pictures from a distance. The camera is mounted on the tripod, I sit away from the window but close enough to see when a hummer arrives for a drink, and I generate gazillions of new hummer photos. Here's a slide show of such an arrival.

Off to the mattress store--DH has suddenly realized that I really don't like our 25 year old mattress (I've been saying this for some time . . .) and that perhaps we could replace it. Woo-hoo!