The Past Few Weeks

So I've been thrilled by Obama's election to the presidency. Someone made this last summer--a gorgeous scarf. Ain't it purty!Waa-hoo! What will it be like to have a president with an intellectual edge? I can hardly wait.

I've been watchin' the hummers watchin' me.

Knitting up Paco's scarf to keep him warm if he needs it.
Visiting Sonoma with our friends Greg and Connie on a weekend that couldn't possibly have come in the middle of November.
Autumn sure looks picturesque here in NorCal. We were at a Wild Pig party at the Michel-Schlumberger winery. The pork was OK, but the 2007 wild zin was even bettah.

As for the rest of my life, yesterday it was a baby shower for BFF Monica, who seemed to like the baby blanket ;^) (you can't tell it but she's going to have a little hatchling about Jan. 12):Work has involved a personnel crisis (now) resolved, always papers to grade, classes that go well, exams on which the students don't do as well as I thought they would, classes when we discuss a poem that kids "get" right away, meetings and more meetings, and one meeting or conversation after another with department members or administrators.

Fortunately there's time in the evening to watch John Adams with DH.

Am I knitting? Well, yeah, if it doesn't require my close attention. I'm making a "Bristol" a la Miss Woollyknits (thanks for the great idea!) with a skein of handspun that I got a while back from Lynnette at Yarn Rescue. Using the--get this--MISTAKEN RIB STITCH for the neckwarmer. I am nothing if not predickable.

More to come including pictures.

And thank you to those who have emailed me about the Santa Barbara fires, which are a few hours south of us, well beyond our region. The autumn always brings a spate of dry winds making the tinder go up in flames down south--blame Santa Ana winds. Here, in the SF Bay Area, we are all safe--at least until the Big One hits. ;^)

Happy knitting.