On the other side of the surgery

Yep, I am home getting a lot of rest and keeping the foot up. So far the local is still not worn off, ten hours after the surgery, but it is starting to. I feel a little aching in a spot I didn't expect to, so -- ?? I guess I'll take the pain meds religiously (the only kind of religiosity I can manage) and see if it doesn't get too intense.

With all this time to noodle, I have been finding fascinating recommended links on other people's blogs, resulting in several promising patterns and some other nonknitting blogs too. I got to Yarn Harlot's site today and read her long treatise on how hard writing really is, which is some truly inspired writing, of course, by someone we all think of as having no trouble writing easily. Not so--she struggles too. I hope blogging it out of her system will make the task less onerous when she comes back from her book tour. Anyway, check it out if you haven't. I gathered a ton of good quotes on writing (I'm a writing teacher when I'm not momming, wifing, and knitting), both hers and others that people shared in her huge comments section. Wow, to be that famous!

I also found a hilarious link from those comments that I have to share with you. A Stanford professor wrote this piece on a concept he pioneered called Structured Procrastination, and it is quite amusing. Perhaps there is a grain of truth in his explanations and suggestions. But read it with care! He may be quantifying a real system with smaller payoffs, but I'm not sure it will get me where I need to go on the biggies.

I know exactly what Stephanie P-M and the professor are both talking about, though, because this is what I do when I have papers to grade. I have been making progress on it, but I never set real deadlines, even though there is a seemly period of time that should elapse, and no more, before papers are given back to students. I need more accountability I guess. I must develop a bossy persona who tells the lazy-ass me to get those papers done tonight--at least one class period!

I did not knit a stitch today because of pain meds and some general malaise left over from the surgery. But I think it's time to start the Irish Hiker's Scarf tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Oh! A few posts back, when I shared a photo of my gorgeous Lake Tahoe yarn splurge, I got the question what brand was it? It is Noro. And I would use it for the IHS, but I hear that when cabling, the stitches need a solid color yarn I fear, so it will have to wait to turn into something luscious later.