A tea cozy for my friend Monica

This is either the genuine article or a useful prototype for Monica's teapot. I don't have hers so am using a "stunt double" that I believe is a bit more rotund than hers. If she likes it, it's her Christmas gift! If not, I have a stash the size of Montana and plenty of willingness to duplicate the pattern (which is the one she had approved beforehand).

Yes, this yarn is some hand-dyed worsted from Scout's Swag. I love the stuff and want to knit a sweater with something similar!

It may be hard to see but the pattern has a really neat feature. It is mostly garter but the "ribs" are two stitches that are knitted in the wrong order and slipped off the needle together, which has a sort of cable result. I got the pattern some time ago and showed her about four different ones. Finally showed her all the ones I felt I could tackle, and she liked this one. I used the smaller version here, which is s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d around my 4-cup teapot, so it should be best for a smaller pot.

I have three scarves in the works, after fetching more wool for each (amazing how 55 yds does not a scarf make!!), and have so little time for knitting left. Vacation ends Tuesday at 6 a.m. when I drag myself out of bed to go to school. Nevermind. I will enjoy the knitting I can get in from now till then.

Rachel revels in her new blanket

This is Rachel, DD1, on Dec. 25, after she found her blanket along with her Christmas stocking. I love the House of Lords wig effect. I think she likes the blanket too. She has it on her bed now, and it fits right in with the general decor.