I Kicked Butt

So that Quidditch sweater was giving me a huge inferiority complex, but I just let things settle down and tried again today-- finished it. Asked DD#3 to model it for me (since I have to mail it to DD#2, whose sweater it is) just before soaking it in wool wash. Now it's sunning in the breezy back yard. When it is dry, I will package it up and finally send DD#2 her big birthday present.

I am not saying it's the caliber sweater I want to make someday, but it is a good first sweater, and the long hair will make a number of errors undetectable (don't put your hair up in a pony tail, Molls!). The feelings of finally being done and being able to have some pride in it are well worth the extra time and ripped out work. For the record, DH listened to my frustrated and hopeless comments last weekend and said later, "You know it will be a nice sweater and Molly will like it no matter what." And he was right. It's not the determiner of my knitting career or anything so dire. 8^)

And here are a few more photos of the finished inverse Vyridia that I did in a few days last week (finished last night). I am always so proud of my decreases.Here it is, warm and snuggly.

I am getting an itch to learn quilting, so that I can use vintage quilted pieces as appliques on a blanket or for the backing of a knitted blanket. Here is some of the work that inspires me: Whimsiedots and iSew are both on etsy.

Happy spring to all you northern hemispherites, and enjoy your lovely fall as it gets underway, fellow knitters in Australia.