Spring Cleaning (in Summer)

I've been attempting the near impossible over the past several days, when I could get in there to continue the attempt. Cleaning the study and organizing the "overstocked warehouse," that is. Who knew I had so dang much yarn? [Ahem, DH knew! All my PayPal transactions cross his email desk, so to speak, and he is a strong, strong man for saying nothing more than--"Wow! That was expensive! What did you buy--half a sheep?"]

Which leads me to one of my ulterior motives, of which I always have a few. That, and nefarious plans [shifty eyes and Mr. Burns' hand wringing].

Mel, one of my favorite crafteristas, has been holding her birthday contest, which runs until--surprise!--her birthday, August 8. I once WON this contest and still have the nifty lighted knitting needles, a handmade needle roll, and some other fancies to remember her (and her favorite charity) by. All the contest details are here on her blog, but basically here's the lowdown: Before August 8, if you send a donation of yarn or other knitting/crocheting items to the ladies at Interim House, in Philly, and email to tell Mel what you have sent, she will add your name to her random prize generator (for one of two amazing prizes). She has the appropriate addy on her blog entry, so no worries about where the yarn should be sent.

Your donation helps make the following wonderful things happen:
1. Women who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and learning different ways to be productive and stay calm in our crazy world have all the yarn and needles needed to become skilled tricoteuses. ["That's knitters for all ya's what don't speak Eye-talian!"] Kathy and a heap of volunteers at Interim House provide the materials, the lessons, the encouragement, and the photo gallery publication that gives women in transition something much better than those previous addictions.
2. Your donation helps you reorganize and tidy up what is probably a somewhat optimistic stash of knittables, right? That's the theory I'm operating on, and there is no doubt that things are looking more organized and more sensible in my knitter's workshop.
3. You get a chance at some gasp-worthy surprises. Look! See what I mean? Who wouldn't want to be the new mother/father of these babies?

So, your mission, NOT impossible, is to look through what you have, see what you can live without, and pass it on to a worthwhile program. I have searched in my neck of the woods for anything similar to donate to, to feel as if I am doing something for my own community of women in similar circumstances, and . . . there's just nothing. Nothing knitting/crocheting oriented, that is. What they have is something special.

All the pertinent details are on Mel's blog, so get to it!

I have been donating to IH for at least three years, since I first heard of them through Mel's blog, and stay in touch with Kathy, the social worker who runs this program. She is inspiring for having gotten the knitting/crocheting efforts underway there and for always updating the IH blog with the newest creations the women have come up with. The women are way into felting! And also making blankets that they can take with them when they leave after their six month stints there (so symbolic, to an English teacher). As for my study-cleaning efforts, I have gathered together a goodly number of whole skeins and a few nearly full ones, as well as some knitting needles I don't use, and I am about to hunt down the right box for this donation and get it into the mail. Much of this yarn comes to me from my mom and her own overstocked warehouse, but is in colors or types that I just don't use. It is lovely, but not my style.

While attempting to clean up the den o' creativity, I found this! LOL moment:

The conclusion to be drawn is painfully obvious. I think we can all guess how the authors have made their fortunes--while all the homes in the English-speaking world remain clutter traps. I think a better subtitle would be: Which is Almost an Insurmountable Goal, But Buy the Book and Maybe You'll Read the First Chapter.

With all this non-reading and serious cleaning, I have not actually done as much knitting as I would prefer. But I guess that's for the greater good (I can find things now! I don't need to buy cream-colored yarn anymore! etc.). I will have no lack of things to keep me busy when I get the last of it tidied up, since I have now collected in one place all the bags that I use for my individual projects , and there are thirteen. "What did you say, Stacie?" Um, thirteen UFOs. But I'm about to frog one of them, so it will be twelve really.

Oh, well, in that case . . .

And now, brace yourselves please. When DH was supposedly feeling a bit under the weather after a high fever that has since resolved, when I was giving him cups of peppermint tea and bringing him uncounted glasses of water, not to mention making his favorite things for dinner, he repaid me for all my kindness. We had both seen an arresting advertisement in Entertainment Weekly this past week that I asked him to scan for me, to send to DD#1 (for nefarious purposes, I admit it). I had not been able to find the ad on the net, even after searching for a while, so I thought it would be easier to just have him scan it and send me the image. INSTEAD, he found the advertiser's site, had some fun, and created this hideous 'shopped monstrosity.

I may never sleep again.

I had told him if he found the original picture on the internet, I'd give him a prize, since I'd looked so very thoroughly.

Which I did, yesterday, on his birthday. ;^) For the record, he is now divisible by 12 and 16, not to mention 6, 8, 2, 3 and 4. His biggest goal these days, he says, is to celebrate his 50th, 60th, etc. birthdays.

Here, here!


jenfromRI said...

Ooh! I know how old he is! Math geek = me.
Interim House sounds like a great charity - I'm sure I have some stuff hanging around that could use a better home than mine.
And btw - I thikn there are plenty of yarns that would cost more than half a sheep!

jenfromRI said...

Duh - I forgot: Happy Birthday to DH!

Susan said...

Happy birthday DH and many more. You know I had read about Interim House on a blog before. I have a bunch of yarn some nice, some not so, set aside and some needles. I will send them out this week. Nothing like a contest to get one motivated.