Cool photos

Look closely at this photo!

Standing on line at the bank . . . baaaah!
and this one too:

I was sent an email with these pictures and went online to find the source, which was, I believe, of a Spanish artist. Make magazine brought them to the English speaking world I guess, and the email forward got started. I think they are unforgettable!

Wouldn't knit with their "wool" though!


KSee said...

that is creative. Thanks for finding it and sharing

Mary Anne said...

Unbelieveable! They really look like sheep at a first glance. So cool and creative.

Carol in WI said...

That is too funny. At first, I thought, what is she talking about, but when I clicked on the picture, thought I'd split.

Jejune said...

Oh goodness, how seriously awesome! A bit scary too, in a kind of faceless monster sci-fi way!