About Mel's Contest

Crazy Catlady Mel has agreed to add another prize to her already cool offerings! I've got a few unused ravelry goodies that need an appreciative home, so if you enter her contest, not only are you in the running for two skeins of knock-your-socks-off sock yarn, or an emergency knitting kit (love this concept!), but you could also choose the ravelry tote bag, t-shirt, and buttons! T-shirt size medium (and not wrinkled!), and there are actually two buttons, the second of which says, "A daily dose of fiber--ravelry." So scroll down and find out more about Mel's contest, and then, get crackin'! (PS: I 'm sure you realize, but JIC, the "Hello My Name is--" button does not say "frecklegirl." I borrowed the photo from the ravelry store, and "frecklegirl" is Jess, who with hubby Casey, makes up the amazing ravelry creative team. This button is blank, waiting for YOUR name. 8^)

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